Pam and Tommy (2022)

Pam and Tommy (2022)

A disappointing show that looks like a parody.

In the series, we follow Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, their love story and the ups and downs. The production is mediocre, and some things are unnecessary and Pam and Tommy cast.

The casting is mediocre. Sebastian Stan is a good actor, but this role is not for him, Machine Gun Kelly was perfect in the 2019 film The Dirt.

Lily James is solid in the role of Pamela Anderson, but the writers wrote her as a caricature.

Seth Rogen is unconvincing in the role of Rand, a really bad casting for that role. Pamela Anderson was portrayed as a caricature, as if the writers wanted to make fun of her.
Pam and Tommy

This is typical of today’s film production, the show looks cheap, the script is catastrophically bad, the characters are parodies of themselves. Sebastian Stan and Lily James are solid actors, but the script just isn’t good enough. There are some interesting moments, but too few, unfortunately this is another disappointment.

As for the casting for the band Motley Crue, The Dirt from 2019 has a perfect casting, and the actors did a great job.

how many seasons of Pam and Tommy for the band is mediocre here, another disappointing show that could have been a lot better. Disappointingly bad script, characters like cartoons, mostly bad casting, really disappointing.

Another mediocre show, which in this case looks more like a parody than a real story.

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